Welcome to salsa and bachata in Halifax, Nova Scotia with the Halifax Salseros. It's a pleasure to meet you. Pull up a chair by the fire and make yourself at home.

Now that we're well acqainted, please allow us to take you through a little exercise. You know all those thoughts about traditional dance classes that you have roaming around in your head? You know the ones: the stern lady at the front of the class barking orders at you; the sound of archaic Sinatra tunes crackling through the stale air; or the stress of worrying if your head is at the proper 32.5 degree angle. Yeah... those thoughts. Now, take all of those thoughts and throw them to the floor, step on them once or twice, and then sweep them under the carpet. You won't be needing them anymore. Salsa is not your typical dance style, and we are not your typical dance teachers.

By choosing Halifax Salseros as your guides for the journey toward what could well be a healthier, happier you, you can expect to learn how to dance quickly, yet thoroughly, in a fun, social environment. You'll be joining the hottest dance scene going, developing a new skill, meeting like-minded people, getting great exercise, and having a blast all the while. We at Halifax Salseros are excited to work with you to achieve your unique combination of goals, and to help you to get out on the dancefloor feeling confident and looking great.

Oh, and by the way, we mean no disrespect.
We love barking, Sinatra, and 32.5 degree angles.


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